Cut blocks Game - Gamikro

"Cut game 51 %" We have a one eyed, ball shaped red alien here and he needs your help desperately. He lost in our planet and doesn't knows how to go back to his planet, even he can't run or jump because it does not have legs or arms. Just one eye is not enough to go home without your help. You will use one finger to cut the white blocks that goes down and blue blocks that goes upper. Blue blocks is like blue balloons, always goes upper. Gray blocks impossible to slice and doesn't gives you any cutting points. Black blocks either can't move or drop. Drop the red ball shaped alien to his bed home after cutting 51 percent or more of blocks. It's not a game for hurry people, this game designed for smart people. Most of the levels can be passable with one slice or two. There is no level needed to cut four blocks ;) .
We have 112 level for now, More levels will be possible if people love our game. Just give me your opinion, thumbs up ;)

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