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We are looking for talented young friends to grow the team. Our door is always open to people who are self-confident, good with games, especially graduates of cartoons and animation departments or self-confident in character animation. If you want to join the team and participate in the game production, you can send a message to instagram @gamikro and I will reach you.

Among the game production companies, gamikro should be your first choice in terms of job postings, if you like games and have various game ideas, we would like to know. Especially if you have game drawing drafts or program samples that you have made yourself, If you are tired of looking for a job in game companies, Do not miss this job posting opportunity, we are just a message away.

DM via instagram: @Gamikro

Send a message on Youtube: @Gamikro

Which Game gives how much

This is often the first question anyone hears about making games. How much money is earned with Games we produce ?. I have to write this because it's not about the money. Even if there is no money gain, I would like to live just by making games, because I love this job, knowing that children play my games is enough for me, I am happy when I produce, many children are happy when they play those games (I am not Polyanna, there is money on the end).
Let me give a small example for those who are still curious. Suppose we earn $10 a day from the games played by 1000 people, it's $300 in 30 days, of course, it's not enough to live as riches, of course, but what is expected from someone who works for the minimum wage in Turkiye, how much labor they produce and what is expected in return. If you look at it, you will understand the difference, now consider that the game in this scenario was played by 1,000,000 people and do the calculation once again.

Would you be happier to work as a graphic designer in a printing company or to be one of the cornerstones of a game company? I leave the rest to you, with good health, I wish you a fun life full of games.