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Gamikro was established to produce games and mobile applications. It represents the word GAME, which is the English equivalent of the word GA:game in the company name. MICRO, on the other hand, means providing the most benefit with the least material while producing the games, so much so that we saved money by typing GA instead of Game even in the company name. Our games do not take up hundreds of megabytes of mobile phone space. We aim to produce even 3D games under 50 megabytes.

We are looking for a graphic designer

We are looking for a graphic student or a cartoon animation graduate to be trained. He will continue as a permanent employee after he reaches a sufficient level. We are looking for someone whose aim is not only to pass the internship, but also for those who want to have a fun profession for the rest of their life. Actually, school doesn't matter either, but drawing characters first starts with charcoal and continues with adobe photoshop/illustrator programs on the computer. From this point of view, the person we want is not someone who knows programming, but someone who likes to draw strange characters with a pencil.

If you are playing a game on your mobile phone and you want to draw a candy monster like in the game "Cut the rope" or "candy crush". If you think that you will draw the candies in your game more colorful, be sure to write us a message. maybe he comes up with a better idea than the games on the market and we start work before school ends. While you're looking for an internship, we'll be here when you need it, and we'll be even bigger

I Want To Make A Game

Suggestions for young people who want to make games: Making a game is not simpler than writing a program, from this point of view, if you want to make a game by yourself, you need to learn programming first, for a backgammon game you won't need a lot of graphics, it's okay I assume that you will be able to draw the stone or ask a friend who knows a graphic program. It remains to learn comprehensive program information and internet communication. It's best to start with a light game; as a simple game; You can try to make a creature that jumps when you touch the screen. Doodle-jump example game may be your first game, if you think it's simple, you can start crying by looking at the 50,000,000 download count. You could have made this game and now you could be sitting in a ferrari seat instead of sitting in that old seat. Okay okay don't cry, it's not too late for anything. If even a frustrating game like Flappy bird can reach millions, it's not too late for anyone.

There are dozens of open source programs (Cocosx, Construct 2, Game Maker) that you can use for game software, and if you collect a little money, there are paid software (Telerik, Corona, Marmalade) that will make your job easier. It can start with the Phone Gap interface to make a survey application that has thousands of examples in Turkey and that even a high school student can easily do. If you say that you want to start very solid and work in game companies first, I recommend you to enter Java programming with Native code.