Game Production Team - Gamikro

We have been working in game production for a year, and we have 15 years of experience in website production and content development. Although we have just entered the field of Mobile Gaming world, we have years of experience in Adobe-Flash and 3D. Although our game team is small, we are growing day by day, Gamikro Team consists of people who love their job and also do what they love.

Necmi Demirkeser

Game Developer

Php , 3dsmax, C#, Game Design

Mehmet Mirkebey

Level Designer

Game Design, Web Design , Css, Jquery

You can go to our job postings page to join the team or see open job opportunities at our gaming company.

Game making partners

Other companies we produce games with are listed here

Games for two

The company games for two, which we work as a solution partner, has now produced a sports game called Ball games. The game is referred to as Ball games (Sports Games: 4 pieces) in the market. This means that simultaneously football, basketball, handball, volleyball games are in one package. Two people can play various ball games together.