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You can see all our games created for Google Play Android and Apple-itunes-connect and Amazon-FireOs devices, You can play out games for all four platforms. We can also make games for new smart Televisions. Especially games shouldn`t miss the New Red Ball (Hat Ball) game. Ball 4 game and Gold Miner game is our favorite.



Red Ball looking for his pink friend from differend planets, aliens will pay for this. New abilities and new forces will be with you. Jumping and rolling red ball searching answers with his pink friend together


Gold Miner

Gold miner 4 games. One player or two players can play at the same time. There are 4 different gold collector game versions available:
1- Classic Gold Miner + : The player collects gold by throwing different types of hooks.
2- Gold Miner Jump: Jumping man collects golden coins with his super brothers.
3- Super gold miner : Collect gold coins falling from the air in the game.
4- Gold coin collectors: Small characters are collecting gold coins.
Possible to play with keyboard or mouse or finger touch.


Cut the Blocks

Ball shaped red alien needs your help. He is lost in our planet and doesn`t know how to go back to his planet without your slices. Cut the blocks and send him to his space ship


New Red Ball

Someone cut the tree in front of his house, the red ball must find the truth about trees and bad guy who is behind it.


ice Cream and Snowball

Snowman best made with carrot. Carrot means nose for someone, and means meal for someone else. wait a minute ! did you just say meal. You have to help to snowman and get his carrot back, this time you can throw ice cream balls!


Bubble Pop Saga

Throw the red ball and destroy other ball shaped baloons. it`s easy and relaxing game for making use of your free time. Gamikro games for two player and from every age of people

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