Game and website production company - Gamikro

We celebrated our first anniversary in 2013 by drawing a new path and saying "If it`s about a GAME, we want to play" and our first games have reached 5,000,000 downloads, thousands of players in hundreds of countries have mobile phones and tablets. played our games. We are now working on playing more.

You can see our top hit games below or go to the Games game list to play our other games.

Cutting Game

The alien in the shape of a one-eyed red ball desperately needs your help to get home. Because a creature without feet and arms cannot leave the gaming world without your help.

Red Ball 2

The red-ball game is dragged into adventures in pursuit of the pink ball friend in the red ball space. Aliens will regret what they did because they kidnapped his girlfriend, New features and superpowers in the game will make your job easier.

Red Ball Game

Red Ball was living happily in its own game world. One morning he saw the big tree in front of his house disappear. When the tree in front of his house disappears, the little red ball goes looking for him, I wonder who is behind this incident? Can he be a fat lumberjack like famous mario :)

Snowman Puffy

Carrots are used to make snowmen. Carrot means nose for some, food for others, wait a second, did you say food! We'd better hurry, the naughty bunnies are getting ready for the carrot feast. A fun and funny game

Bubble Shooter Game

Your goal in this game is to throw a ball and pop the surrounding soap bubbles, you have 60 seconds. It's a simple and casual game, with no problems except for a few minor dangers. There is no limit to the number of shots, but you'd better hurry. An easy game to spend your free time comfortably.

Dish Washing

Wash the plates(dishes) and glasses and raise your score. The number of plates washed in a minute returns as points, this game for toddlers will teach numbers in English and improve word pronunciation.

Flying Otto the Mustache

Flappy Otto is our first game we made in 2014, it looks simple but it was the first game that made us believe that making games is fun and easy. Now all we have to do is make a game. Don't think it's different like the flappy bird game, there is no stress in this game.

You can check our blog page to understand what kind of a making game we are currently working on and to get to know us better. There will be updates and game making training lessons when appropriate on our blog page. We make games for mobile phones and tablets. We have started with 2D games for now, and we will start to produce 3D games in the future. Gamikro game production company operates in Adana city.