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Ball Games - Two player

Our partner games company Two Player Games can be found here. They are making games for two or more people. Multiplayer games are best always. You can play their game in android store, named as Ball Games - 4 in 1, name of game means football, basketball, handball, volleyball is in one game package for two player.

Here is ball 4 game support pages for other languages : Ball 4 and Gold miner game help pages.

Download BaLL Games on Google Play Download BaLL Games on iOS

Gamikro Team is Working

We have been working on creating games since `98. In late 2013 we established Gamikro company especially for publishing games. Our second mission is to create online content to serve people on every different category. Our team consists of people who love their work and create things as they like.

Partner Companies

Gamesii game is our main partner company, The Games-ii team is mostly focused on two-player games. As we make more games, we will increase the number of game creators in the team that we share game designing solutions together, In addition, the C5 games team also supports us in the production of 3D games. :

Necmi Demirkeser

Game Developer

Php, 3dsmax, C#, Unity3D, Game Design

Mehmet Mirkebey

Level Designer

Game Design, Web Design, Css, Jquery, Advanced Excel