Gamikro is a game producing company founded in 2013. Our aim is to produce extraordinary games, to provide players with new experiences and to open the horizons of other game producers and give new ideas.

Gold material is popular in Real gold list, has been one of the most valuable materials in the world for thousands of years and is still valuable in the gaming world. It shows in games.

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We are looking forward to your game suggestions to produce more beautiful and player-friendly good games..

Red BALL with Hat

Hat wearing Red Ball is a good ball game contains 50 levels. The red-ball like character in the game is equipped with different red hats and super-powers: helper, shield or jet. You will love this Red-Ball similar game.

New Red BALL

The new-red-ball game was published 6 months before the famous Red-ball-4 game. Our BaLL game maintains its place with honor both as an innovation in the gaming world and as an important milestone for Gamikro company, and it provides hope for our future games.