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Come Closer

We are working for making better games, come closer if you have good ideas about new games. Or if you have talent for foreign languages, We think people in all countries deserve good games. We love the people who are interested in games and different kinds of CG images. Just write about you and send a CV about your personal details. We will be happy to work together.

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Which Game gives how much money ?

Often the first question when anyone interested in making games. How much money is earned by producing games.. I have to write this because it`s not about the money. Even though I can`t make any money, I just want to live by making games. Because I love this job. Knowing that kids are playing my games is enough for me. But let me give a small example for those who are still wondering.Let`s say we earn $10 a day from a game played by 1000 people, $300 in 30 days. Of course, it is not enough to live. But when you look at general job opportunities, look at the amount of labor required and money paid to a person working for a simple job. Since if the game in this scenario is played by 1.000.000 people, you can see the difference. Think you understood and do the calculation one more time.

Would You be happier to work as a graphic designer for a printing company or to be one of the cornerstones of a gaming company. I leave the rest to you, good luck. Wish you happy games with full of joy