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Check out our GaMES PAGE FOR NEWEST GAMES. Gold Miner game online is here:gold miner and similar in our other web page. GoldMiner games are playable with classic flash gaming world even today, thanks to Ruffle application. You can play all kind gold mining games in that web page. As a game creating company we decided to make better game version for this old gold-miner games. You will play from our game list. We plan to publish in September 2022, Stay updated.
Gold collecting games:


Gold miner 1 - Classic Gold Miner

Your task in the gold miner game is to collect as much gold as possible. This game package includes 4 gold collecting games together. The beautiful feature in the bio game is that two people can compete to collect assets together.


Gold miner 2 - Jump like mario and run like sonic

2- You must collect gold by using characters that you are familiar with from super Mario or fast sonic games. Jump and collect golden coins.


Gold miner 3 - Gold cıin Rain

A gold miner game that constantly drops gold from above. You need to be careful to avoid materials such as thorns and fire falling from above. The miner`s cap, whose hat fell off after being hit twice, it`s a funny swelling on his head.


Gold miner 4 - Elf gold collector

Two different elf-like gold miners walking around collect the gold by walking around. There is no serious obstacle for you in this gold game, only moving objects can prevent you from collecting enough gold in a limited time.

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