Game story of the Gamikro: "if it`s all about games, we want to play too" , we said long time ago. Now our iphone games gone beyond 5.000.000 downloads. Different people from 178 countries are playing our games. We are aiming more. You can look to games page for all of our game collections.

New RedBall2 (Hat BALL)

Red Ball looking for his pink Ball friend from differend planets. New abilities and new forces will be with you. Jumping and rolling red ball searching answers with his pink friend together and collecting gold coins while wandering.

Gold Miner 4

Gold Miner Classic and beyond: Gold collecting games, play free gold miner 2 player online. Use mouse or arrow keys to maange the hook, possible to use iphone or android tablets, Then click down or mouse left to send the needle to collect the gold miner, All gold miner games are free and online. You can play gold miner game mobile versions in here with html5 support, no download required

ice Cream and Snowball

You know that Snowman always made with carrot nose. Carrot means organ for someone, and means food for someone else. You just said food, oh no, they will eat his carrot ! Help to snowman for dropping rabbits down to screen in this game, you will find different new game levels and new game items, drop down the bunnies.

new Red Ball

Someone cut the tree in front of red ball`s house, Red ball must find the truth about trees. A brilliant game made from gamikro team on year 2013. Now you can play with new characters in this game. Choose your gaming platform below and go for end of the game

Cut the Blocks

Bll shaped red alien needs your help desperately. He is lost in our planet and doesn`t know how to go back to his planet without your slices.

Bubble Pop

We created this game in a week. it`s easy and relaxing game for making use of your free time .

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