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Production purpose of Gold BaLL game? :

Golden Ball Game contains similar features to an old and known Japanese game pachinko. It can be counted as the Peggle game, which is a similar ball game, or the "Pinball" game, which uses similar game mechanics. The objectives in this game, unlike the more advanced targets, are based on the aim of delivering the balls thrown from above to the targets and gaining points. .
Gold: Since the balls thrown in the game are used to reach the levels such as silver ball and golden ball, the prefix "gold" is used in the game name.
BaLL : Ball games have a meaning close to the word fun in many societies, everyone has fun and there is only one ball in the middle.

Since the trademark registration process takes time, it is unlikely that the real name of the game will be "Gold BaLL" and the domain names have already been taken. However, the game will be released with an additional word to be added between these two words.

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