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What makes the Gold BaLL game as valuable as gold? :

The Golden Ball Game works similarly to the game pachinko, which is a fun and poara-winning Japanese game. It can be seen as the arcade Peggle game, a ball game released in the nineties, or the "Pinball" game produced as mechanical devices using similar game mechanics. Unlike its more advanced targets, it works on the goal of getting the balls thrown from above to the targets below and earning points.
Gold: Since the balls thrown in the game are used in varieties such as silver-ball and gold-ball, the name "Golden" is used in the name of the game.
BaLL : Ball games have a close meaning to the word fun in many communities, everyone is having crazy fun and there is only one ball in the middle. There can be 7, 11 or 22 people chasing the ball.

It seems unlikely that the real name of the game will be "Gold BaLL" since the trademark registration process required in the games takes time, but the domain names have already been taken. However, it is possible that the game will be broadcast with an additional word to be added between these two words.

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