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Why the name of Gamy-BALL changed so? :

Gamy is a shorter abbreviation of Gamikro. The name of the game is a modified version of the "New Red Ball" game that we published in the apple-ios game market 6 months ago from FDG company in 2014.

What happened to the name New-Red-BaLL?

The "new-red-ball" game is inspired by the old nokia phone game red-ball. However, on Noki phones, this game did not contain the TM mark. For this reason, we chose the color "red" when choosing the game name.

We received an alert in an email sent to our company on 2022-02-11. The email was briefly as follows: "Your games called New-red-ball and New-red-ball-2 may cause confusion to game users and may damage our brand. Please modify for these games." After receiving the same communication message from Apple-ios, we changed the name of the game and the face of the red-ball. We had to change because laws are written to protect brands. Especially the "Copy Cats" section in the article that Apple officials linked was very disappointing for us. It was possible to make a similar game to be considered a crime, for the same reason, big companies are dealing with trademark lawsuits. Maybe in the future I will rename the game to "Copy Cat Ball", don't be surprised.

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Where was the problem?

When we released the game in 2014, we did not take into account the possibility of a game being a private label. Especially since the word "Red Ball" is a generic name, it was not suitable for the trademark application. But just as the Super-Mario-Bros game is a brand known all over the world (mario is a common name in Italy), game names started to become branded and the name red-ball became a trademark of the FDG company.

I wonder if "BaLL" is a possible game name?

For this reason, as I explained above, many game manufacturers had to change the name of their game containing the word "red ball" in 2020. Some have changed color and shape. "Bounce-ball" and "Hero-ball" games are the most important examples of this. We will use the bouncing ball mechanic in the games we will make from now on, because the games in this category, which are Platform Games, are very popular due to their similarity to Super Mario or Sonic-Hedgehog games.

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