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Hat BALL (Head Hats):

Hat-ball is a ball that likes to bounce. Jumps and collects gold coins. The pink-ball spends happy days with her friend. One day, an unexpected spaceship changes their lives. The spaceship that escaped with the pink ball will not return. The ball with the hat will start to find it. Before going on a long trip, you need to choose a hat that fits your head.:

new red ball

How to play Hat-ball game

You can go forward and backward with Hat-BALL by tapping the direction arrows on the phone or tablet. There is a jump button at the bottom right of the screen. Features such as shield and bomb can be used with the buttons above.

Arrow keys are used to play on the computer. Special abilities;

B : Bomb button.
K : Armor activation key.
J: Quick hit key while airborne.
At the end of each level, when you reach the red doors or the pink doors, that game level will be completed.

red ball 2
hat ball