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Gold Miner game is a rich as gold, coin or diamond collection game. There are 4 similar games on our website: gold miner web page GoldMiner game can be played with the application. Classic or other mobile devices, you can play all types of gold mining games on that web page. As a company that creates games So we decided to create a better version of this old gold mining game. You will play from our game list. You can also play from the Apple iTunes Play games market.
Gold Miners 4 (Gold Diggers) Game for 2 players | Help page :
Gold Miner 1 : Classic gold mining game
Gold miner 2 - Jump and run to collect gold coins.
Gold Miner 3 : Raining golden coins
Gold Miner 4 : Gold Collecting Elves


Gold Miner 1

You will play by controlling one of two ancient gold digger workers. Collect gold by throwing 4 types of arows. If you encounter a mole or butterfly, You can shoot them with a harpoon. Pay attention to the time limit.


Gold miner 2

You have to collect gold coins using the characters of the platform game logic in this versiom, the type of game you know from Super Mario games or sound running games. Jump and collect gold Every level is full of fun and happiness. Jump together and collect enough gold coins to complete the level. You can also play as a single player.


Gold Miner 3

A gold mining game where gold coins and rocks and diamonds fall from above all the time. You should be careful that materials such as thorns and burning rocks fall from above. A miner whose hat fell off after being shot twice in the head. This causes some hilarious head bumps.


Gold Collectors 4์

Two little elf gold diggers walking in the game, collecting gold coins by walking four directions. There are no serious obstacles for you in this gold game. Only moving objects can prevent you from collecting enough gold in the limited time.